Sustainable Closed Loop Plastic Recycling Programs for a Circular Economy

Fostering a Sustainable Future.

Sustainability can have many different meanings. Regardless of what your needs are, Birch Plastics has the capabilities and experience to help you achieve your sustainability goals — whatever they may be. Through closed-loop recycling programs and custom compounded PCR materials, we can help reduce your carbon footprint. With the flexibility to adapt to your needs, Birch Plastics can provide guidance or collaborate on new ways to reach your sustainability goals.

Our closed-loop programs provide a single-site solution for customers looking to integrate their scrap back into their production process. The custom compounded product line uses PCR materials and includes PP copolymer injection grades in natural and custom colors, and HDPE injection and extrusion grades in black. These resins are custom formulated to help meet sustainability goals.

Birch Plastic partners with companies to help them reach their plastic recycling and sustainability goals.

Companies face many challenges when it comes to their sustainability goals. What to do with their internal plastic waste? What to do with products in a buyback program? How do they convert it all into a usable product? Most importantly, how do we keep it out of the landfill and reclaim some losses.

Birch Plastics Closed-Loop Recycling Programs Capabilities

Birch is an ISO-certified company that can process up to 83 million pounds a year with all the equipment under one roof to make turnkey materials for all types of industries. We have a giant shredder, several grinders, multiple extrusion compounding lines, a variety of blenders, and an extensive polymer laboratory for quality control testing. Birch offers the ability to custom color and add any additives you would like from UV stabilizers, talc, calcium, antioxidants, antimicrobial, or anything else your product might require.

How our closed-loop recycling program works:

Medium to large size programs is our specialty. We can dedicate equipment if needed depending on the size of the project.

First being an ISO certified company, we put together a procedure to handle your project to meet your goals.

Afterward, we can receive the material in a variety of different ways. Depending on your needs we can shred, grind, and compound your material converting it into a usable product. Afterward, it will be packaged in a super sack, gaylord box, or we can put it into a bulk truck to return to your facility.

Birch offers a variety of options to receive your scrap plastic to be recycled.

Boxes or super sacks is how we receive a lot of scrap plastic, but we understand that might not always be ideal.

If your scrap plastic is extra heavy and bulky, we have a gated cement yard that can accommodate open-top roll-off containers and flatbed pipe haulers.