PLASTEON FDA Food & Cosmetic Grade Recycled Natural Polypropylene for all food contact

Large quantities of recycled natural color Polypropylene Copolymers with FDA-LNO status finally exist.

GreenCircle Certified PLASTEON Recycled FDA Grade Polypropylene offers a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice for manufacturers looking to reduce their reliance on virgin plastics and contribute to the reduction of plastic waste.

There is a growing demand from consumers and brand owners to promote sustainable plastic solutions while reducing waste and the environmental impact of new plastic resin. This is no easy task, especially when it comes to polypropylene.

PLASTEON FDA Recycled Polypropylene allows manufacturers to make more products using recycled polypropylene because our product has no pigments or fillers.

Traditionally, to offset virgin resin with recycled, the only options were to make black parts using mixed color regrind or black recycled pellets. Brand owners who needed to make products with colors besides black had minimal options because there were few collected items made from polypropylene without pigment. Couple that with food contact needs, and the options become even fewer.

Understanding the needs and tapping into Birch Plastics Inc.'s 20-plus years of recycling and compounding experience, PLASTEON PPC FDA Certified Sustainable grades were developed. To achieve our goals, three core elements must be met.

  1. 100% recycled natural polypropylene to make any color plastic item.
  2. Non-Objection Letter from the FDA (NOL) for all food contact and cosmetic uses that comply with the FDA Cosmetic Act 21 CFR 177.1520 & 21 CFR 174.5.
  3. GreenCircle Certification & 3rd party verification proving PLASTEON is made from 100% recycled plastics.

PLASTEON FDA Food & Cosmetic Grades of Recycled Polypropylene Grades:

PP Copolymer FDA LNO/NOL ASTM D1238 Melt Index ASTM D256 Notched Izod Color Recycled Content
PLASTEON PPC15NT-FDA 15-20 2.0-3.0 Natural 100%
PLASTEON PPC20NT-FDA 20-25 2.0-3.0 Natural 100%
PLASTEON PPC25NT-FDA 25-30 2.0-3.0 Natural 100%
PLASTEON PPC45NT-FDA 45-50 2.0-3.0 Natural 100%
PLASTEON PPC65NT-FDA 65-75 1.8-2.0 Natural 99%
PLASTEON PPC20NBNT-FDA 20-25 No Break Natural 100%
PLASTEON PPC15NBNT-FDA 15-20 No Break Natural 100%

Benefits of Plasteon Certified Recycled FDA Grade Polypropylene

  • No Objection Letter (NOL) from FDA, approved for all food contact & cosmetic uses.
  • Natural Recycled Polypropylene allows recycled parts to be made in any color.
  • Solution for Recycled Plastic Sustainable mandates & consumer demands.
  • Promote sustainability, reduce waste & environmental impact of new plastic resin.
  • Third-party verified & certified by GreenCircle sustainable auditing company.
  • Complies with Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act 21 CFR 177.1520 & 21 CFR 174.5.
  • No odor, pigments, or fillers.

Plasteon Recycled FDA grade Polypropylene Is mechanically Recycled and manufactured in the U.S.A. using FDA-approved Recycled Polypropylene designed to help manufacturers meet evolving sustainable mandates. Plasteon PPC has received a No Objection Letter (NOL), which may be used at levels up to 100% and can be used to manufacture articles intended to contact all types of food under all conditions of use.

The FDA recognizes Plasteon PPC material complies with all applicable authorizations, including 21 CFR 174.5- general provisions. For example, according to section 402(a)(3) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the use of recycled material should not impart odor or taste to food, rendering it unfit for human consumption. Plasteon is filler and pigment-free, allowing you to add a broad spectrum of colors.

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