Virgin Plastic Resin Materials

At Birch Plastics, we provide both virgin and recycled plastic resin for injection molding, profile extrusion, blow molding, compounding, and for the film industry. Our Houston, Texas headquarters is located near all the major Gulf Coast resin manufactures. Our location and relationships allow us to supply below market value pricing on generic and off-grade, virgin Polypropylene and Polyethylene resins in truckload and less-than-truckload quantities.

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High quality Recycled Plastic Regrind Materials 

Birch Plastics manufactures high quality recycled plastic resin.  We do not broker or trade low end contaminated recycled plastic.  Our extensive process is hands on with an extraordinary amount of effort and care that goes into each and every box.  We strive to reach our goal of zero returns and happy, productive customers.  We pride ourselves on being the supplier you can trust and to provide you material you can run on the night shifts and weekends, when your need is greatest for smooth and seamless production.

It all starts with single stream post-industrial sourcing.  All of our plastic regrind is melt flow tested to ensure proper quality.  It also runs through two metal detection stations, at which time the fines are also aspirated.  The regrind is packaged in a quality box with a liner, lid, and will be contaminate free so you can finally have peace of mind and confidence in your material.

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