Corrosion is always a concern for both ferrous and nonferrous materials, and even a small amount can mean big problems. Thankfully, Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) technology provides a great barrier for preventing rust in the form of packaging or a film.

VCI Poly Liner VCI Poly Shrink Film

Preventing Rust with VCI Packaging

VCI’s are usually a solid, for easy handling and convenience. By emitting a protective vapor, VCI materials do not even have to be in contact with parts to protect them from corrosion. When the vapors reach the metal surface, they form a micro-crystal barrier that quickly develops strong ionic activity when even a tiny amount of moisture is present.

This film protects the item without compromising any of its properties or integrity. With this protective property, the VCI material can safely protect an item when encasing it but not necessarily touching it.

To fit any needs, VCI materials are available in a variety of sizes and forms, including:

With many shapes and forms available, with many shrinking to fit an irregularly shaped item, VCI can be used to cover virtually any part. When being transported or store, VCI can protect parts from moisture damage and other sources of corrosion.

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