Plastic is one of the most abundantly used materials in items that we use every day. Recycling plastics has been a common practice for decades now, but what are those plastics used for? Here are some of the most frequent places that you’ll find recycled plastics:

Construction Projects

As cities expand and buildings require renovation, construction is a constantly growing industry. Plastics are commonly used in building materials, such as flooring, pipes, drainage, and damp proof membrane. The safety benefits of plastics compared to other materials have also made it a popular choice for scaffolding boards and kerbstones.

Packaging Items

Bottles, trays, and many other packaging materials are constructed from recycled plastics. As more and more companies commit to protecting the environment, more are turning to the use of recycled plastic for items that are frequently consumed and have previously been a huge contributor to waste problems.


Plastics are quickly overtaking other material options for constructing fences, bridges, walkways, and jetties. Using recycled plastics can lower the cost for manufacturers and offer a solution that resists rot and vandalism and is durable in the long-term.

Clothing Materials

Although clothes may not immediately spring to mind as an area to use recycled plastics, the polyester fibers that make up fleeces and other cloth is actually the largest market for recycled PET bottles across the world.

The benefits of recycling plastics are numerous for both production and the environment. Although the uses of those reused bottles and other materials may not always be obvious, they find their ways into many of the products and building materials that we rely on for everything from food to furniture.

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