Birch Plastics Toll Compounding Division

Resin manufacturers and distributors, seeking to increase their compounding capacities without plant expansion costs, can benefit from Birch Plastics toll compounding services. Our toll compounding division gives resin producers, plastic part manufacturers, and distributors the ability to offer specialty compounds branded with their own label or place to go to fulfill a recipe for a proprietary plastic resin needs.

Birch Plastics Toll compounding facility is housed in a 70,000 square foot facility. Birch offers you the ability to run your formula on a twin or single screw extruder. We offer under water and strand cut pellet options, high-speed powder blending, and R&D compounding services allowing you to make changes to your formal using our pilot plant then scale up to our commercial production lines. Birch offers private labeling options and we can handle the logistics if necessary. Our trained lab technicians will work with you to develop a quality control procedures that best fits your needs and send you reports with every run. We can produce as little as a box, or up to multiple truckloads a week and package in super sack or Gaylord boxes

Toll Compounding

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Partnering with Birch Plastics is an easy process. We start by going over you project, sign a NDA as needed and allow you to be part of the process or we just follow your recipe and report as requested.

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Birch also offers our recycling services. We have multiple large grinders and shredders in house that allows us to help you recycle your internal postindustrial scrap. Birch has the ability to receive your scrap plastic, grind it, and reprocess it back into pellet. Birch has the ability to add chemistry as needed to get your plastic resin back up to spec. If you need more than just pellets, Birch can add UV stabilizers, Antioxidants, Flame retardants, color, or minerals to your material allowing you to be able to use it again without worries.

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