Regrind and Reprocessed Pellets including HDPE Injection, HMW Film & Pipe, HDPE Blow Mold, LDPE, ABS, and Polypropylene

Birch Plastics manufactures high quality recycled plastic resin granules.  We do not broker or trade low end contaminated recycled plastic.  Our extensive process is hands on with an extraordinary amount of effort and care that goes into each and every box.  We strive to reach our goal of zero returns and happy, productive customers.  We pride ourselves on being the supplier you can trust and to provide you material you can run on the night shifts and weekends, when your need is greatest for smooth and seamless production.

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4-Phase Quality Control Procedures

Phase 1 It all starts with a consistent single stream post-industrial sourcing. Then each box is probed looking for foreign materials, paper, and foaming agent.

Phase 2 A team member will take a probed sample from the top, middle, and bottom section of each box. Our lab technicians then test the regrind in our certified melt index equipment to confirm the melt flow is accurate and to look for changing conditions in the resin that might surface once it has been melted.

Phase 3 After passing the first two parts of our quality control procedures the material is moved to the metal removing equipment. At this point the regrind is dumped through a magnet system while being watched by our trained technicians for any strange looking material that could be hiding in the box. If found, it is tested on our Perkin Elmer FT-IR spectrometer to confirm it is not a foreign resin and a melt index is tested to insure consistency.

Phase 4 The final stage of the process is the regrind is vacuumed into a Kice Aspiration System where the fines and paper are removed from the regrind and then is packaged in a quality Gaylord box with a liner and a lid. The box is then weighed on a certified scale.

Why Choose Birch?

Durable Packaging
Our material is packaged in Gaylord boxes.

Quality Tested
Our product is quality tested and sold based off the physical properties.

Large & Small Quantities
We sell our recycled plastic resin pellets in truckload and less than truckload quantities.

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