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What is a Plastic Pilot Plant?

A plastic pilot plant is a pilot facility that can help plastic manufacturers to research and run short-run plastic part productions without interfering with their regularly scheduled large run production.

Do you find your business passing up seasonal business?
Birch Plastic can help you produce short-run productions without breaking into large production runs of existing products. Our team is here to help you fill that gap and be your one-stop-shop for less than truckload (LTL) toll manufacturing.

Research and development services

Birch Plastics is taking a refreshing new approach to help you develop your products. We have an open-door policy that encourages our customers to be on site and an active part of the development of their materials. This hands-on approach allows our clients to make real time modifications to the process and material characteristics directly on the line. This allows us to reduce the developmental cost and your time to market.

Who We Work With

We regularly work with material suppliers, product manufacturers, and designers. A lot of time our clients have had opportunities to grow new segments of their business but were held back due to the size of the orders in the initial stages of growing the business. At Birch Plastics we strongly believe in innovation which is why we’re here to help you with those very orders.

How to get started

First and foremost, we start with a nondisclosure agreement and move forward from there. Our laboratory scale facilities can produce multiple short runs of material that your business needs to research and develop its products. You can schedule our facility by the day, week, or month. This will include staff support and full access to all of our equipment and full access to our laboratory.

Pilot Plant and scale up equipment:

Our lab and equipment are housed in a 67,000 SQFT building in Houston, Texas.

  • Comac Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder 43 mm, 32 to 1 L/D
  • 8 zones, vented with vacuum, DSM Dose Feeder, and Strand Cut Pelletizer.
  • 2 High Intensity Powder Mixers
  • Post Blender up to 4000lb Batches
  • Certified Scales
  • Small Injection Molding Machine
  • Melt Index Equipment
  • Notch Izod Testing
  • Ash Testing
  • Life Cycle Testing

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