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Thermal Stability Lifecycle Polymer Testing

At Birch Plastics we offer third party polymer testing as well as developmental testing services.  Focusing on lifecycle stability we can help you determine just how many time you can reuse your plastic resin before reaching the point of total loss of physical properties. Our process is to extrude your polymer into pellets and repeat this heat history process up to a hundred times. While processing your plastic resin we pull samples of each run. We can either send the sample back for you to test or we offer our laboratory testing equipment as part of the service. Many of our clients are plastic additive manufactures, product development companies, or end user processors. We offer them the ability to do ladder studies on the performance of their products like antioxidants and thermal stabilizers by recycling their product repeatedly until failure to find the limits of what is possible.

How Much Recycled Product Is Too Much?

When developing a product made from recycled plastic, physical integrity is key. Here at Birch, we can help you determine how much recycled content you can use without compromising the physical properties of your part. One of the ways we can help is to pelletize various percentages of recycled material into virgin resin so you can run trials in your mold, or we can test the results here in our lab to help determine what will work best. We also have the ability to enhance the physical properties of recycled resin to increase strength, durability, help with odor control, and protection from environmental stress created from UV damage.

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