Birch Plastics ASTM D5630 Plastic Ash Testing Service

Only $30.00 per Test Sample

  • Send us a small sample no more than ½ lb. is needed.
  • Once received we will have the results within 48 hours.
  • We'll email you a report after payment is received.
  • Each sample is only $30.00

Samples should be sent to:

ATT: Lab Birch Plastics Inc.
5957 South Loop East
Houston, TX 77033

Why preform an ash test on plastic?

The purpose of an ash test is to determine the percentage of inert material such as glass, calcium, talc, mica, carbon, color concentrate, a product designed to incorporate such additives.

How to test the ash content of plastics:

ASTM D5630. Ash test involves taking a known weight of a sample and placing into a specially designed container in a muffle furnace and heating to at least 500 degrees Celsius to burn off the polymer. When the sample has had a chance to cool in a desiccator, the ash residue that remains in the container is weighed. Any residue that remains in the container after this point is considered to be filler and is expressed in a percentage of ash.

Additional Services

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