Everyone can use a bit of extra income, and selling scrap plastic is an easy way for many businesses and individuals to turn their unused scraps into a profit. Selling your plastic to a purchasing company is an easy way to complete this process, but you’ll need to keep a few things in mind.

Determine if You Can Sell Your Plastic

The most important question is whether you have plastic scraps that buyers are willing to take. Most items will be labelled for easy identification.

Common types of sellable plastics include:

  • PP
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • Nylon
  • PC
  • GPPS
  • HIPS
  • PBT
  • ABS
  • PVC
  • PC/ABS

used plastic bins

These materials can be in a wide variety of forms, including cut offs, runners, buckets, and scrap pieces. If you’re not sure if you’ll be able to sell your plastic, contact a plastics professional to determine what type of material you have.

You’ll also need a minimum amount of scraps to sell your plastic. Most buyers prefer to purchase your materials by the truckload, which can range from 10,000 – 40,00 pounds, but you should contact your intended buyer to confirm if they place any limitations on the amount.

Preparing Your Plastic to Sell

Different types of plastic will fetch a different price when you sell it, so you’ll need to sort out your scraps. For businesses that produce large amount of scrap, preparing a consistent sorting system beforehand can save time after all the scraps have been collected.

Depending on the type of plastic and the seller you’re taking your scraps to, you may need to sort your scraps further. The color of plastic can affect its value, so separating light and dark plastics may make it easier to sell for a fair amount. If the scraps are dirty, the value may be affected or sellers may refuse to accept them, so washing away dirt, oil, and other grime is a good idea before heading to your plastic retailer. Removing labels, stickers, and non-plastic components from your scraps will also increase their value, as your buyer will not have to include this labor in calculating your payout.

Once your plastic is all ready to go, it can be loaded and transported to the plastic dealer of your choice. Many businesses will arrange to pick up your plastic, if you have no means to transport it yourself. The buyer will calculate your amount, and you’ll be receiving your first payout for your plastic scraps. For businesses regularly produce large amounts of scraps, developing a system to collect and sell these can become a steady source of income for your business, while even individuals can cash in on their scrap plastic materials.

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